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 Light Tackle Rockcod Fishing's popularity is rapidly growing among experienced anglers. Newcomers will discover how fun it is as they quickly master the technique.  Nothing matches the thrill of hooking, playing and landing a fish on lightweight gear.

     Trinidad offers some of the best opportunities for light tackle fishing on California's beautiful Northcoast.  Located 30 miles north of Eureka, the rugged coastline provides miles of perfect shallow water rockfish habitat.  Anglers enjoy the close proximity to the fishing grounds, with the average running time being under 1/2 hour.

     The 36 foot Jumpin' Jack is fully equipped for sportfishing in the Trinidad area.  The spacious deck easily accommodates 6 passengers.  The large cabin has a microwave as well as a private bathroom.

The owner and Captain, Tom Lesher, is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and has been fishing Trinidad's waters since 1977.  Alternate captain, Bob Heitsman and Sam Rotwien, are also USCG licensed.   Catering to all ages and skill levels, their goal is to provide a pleasurable fishing experience.

     All fishing gear is supplied.  Fish are cleaned for you on the boat.  All you need are warm clothes and food, if desired.  Don't forget your camera! 

Note: We can no longer sell one day fishing licenses on board; you can obtain them online: http://www.dfg.ca.gov/licensing/ols/intro.html

     Rockcod Fishing:


     Most commonly landed fish: Black rockfish 
     Also:Lingcod , cabezon and other miscellaneous rockfish


     Salmon Fishing:

     Chinook (“King”) Salmon Season is CLOSED

     Dungeness Crabbing:

     From our start-up date (Memorial weekend) through July 30th,

     all trips on the Jumpin' Jack include sport crab fishing at

                                   no extra charge

     With a ten crab per angler limit, customers can come away              from the dock with an impressive catch! EACH person wanting to keep there crab will need to get a crab trap validation. you can pick that up anywhere they sell fishing licenses